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Music Box


Music Box

5th November 2020

The best song I have ever released! 

Today is the day that I announce my second single Music Box! I genuinely believe that this song is the best song I have ever released, This song has already been aired on the radio three times and I am so exited for its Spotify debut on the 5th of November.

The song isn't all though, much liked my song Unidentified Jess Rose Lynn and Ciaran Gravestock have collaborated to create an official music video for the song.

The Great Days

23rd April 2020

My first single!!!

Me and my producer Liam Robbins decided that while in quarantine it would be fun to release my first ever single, I've worked really hard on it and love it so much, I hope you do to! It is on all streaming platforms you can imagine but much like what I did for my album Puppet Show there are links at the top of the screen to where you can find my music!



10th March 2020


If you've been following me for a while you would have heard my first album, Puppet Show. This was one of the songs on the album that I wanted to keep on my Spotify after deleting the rest of the album. Give this re-release a listen and see what you think!!!


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